Anu 2018


Nigerian born, Cleveland raised. 

"Using artistic parables to showcase and communicate love; value; and the human experience."

MercyWerks is more than just a brand name. It's my testimony. Mercy is my name, Anu, translated in english. So it implies my work as well as the fact that God's mercy has done so much for me. I also incorporated that into my brand as a beacon to others that there is always hope and acceptance in Jesus Christ. 

I have been a working artist and creative director for about 4 years 

Having been brought up by an artist for a father and a cook/event planner/interior decorator for a mother, you could say art flows through my veins. 

I started off doing shows of my paintings at various universities in the north east Ohio region, and later expanded to fine art/fashion photography, ceramic, metal sculpture and epoxy art.

I desire to create moments with my art, everything I create exudes a message, a meaning and/or purpose. Even if that meaning is as simple as self discovery. I don't seek to cater only to people within my faith. I love to explore new perspectives that cause people to think and not just simply admire. I seek to tell stories, and illustrate experiences that feel like an extension of the soul.

My art is evolving every single day as any good artist's work would.


If you seek to follow my journey, keep up. 

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