"Poems are songs whose music can only be heard with the soul" - Toni Kolawole 

I do not consider myself a poet, but every once in a while, my soul speaks.

Here are words I have written spoken word style. 


Body, Mind, and Soul

We equate sexuality with compatibility.

Well I'm a freak, he's a freak, let's make it work baby.

Men think with their head to get brain instead of their mind to obtain a woman with a brain.

If he can make your bed rock but can't be your rock under you then how do you expect to stand firm?

Why do you wanna ride him if he doesn't drive you?

Does he like more to kiss into your lips to quiver your body or kiss your lips to churn your soul.

YES, we are sexual beings, but sex is an enhancement of what is already there not a creator of what is not.

Women, you are beautiful.

God gave you feet to lead, hands to heal, a heart to love, a womb to give life.

MEN, look into her eyes to move her innermost, not her chest in deception to manipulate that you're looking at her heart. 

WOMEN, we as well are masterminds.

We use our lashes as puppet strings to pull him in knowing you have no future intention with him. 

You show him your body and make him swerve on your curves only to make him crash.

Hopes? Dreams? 

We hope to consummate our bodies instead of to educate and stimulate, with dreams that contain moisture instead of aspiring with full fervor.

Each and everyone of us are jewels; pieces of refined gold.

But jewels and metals are not laying on the earth, you have to dig deep. 

Don't give yourself away so easily. 

Let the gem in you be discovered.

We are not just bodies, but body, mind, and soul. Use all three.


(Written on a Sunday) 

She said No

She said no 

But her dress so short, her shirt so low, her hair so long, she there solo

But she said no 

She can't say yes, Hennessy, Chardonnay, a penis or grey goose? Get 27 hits, Blue Nun's looking at her like a whore

But she didn't say yes

She naked in my bed, it's been a while since I got some

But she said no

She's beautiful, fully clothed, hair wrapped up

She didn't have to say no 

She's young, lemme show her a good time 

but she said no

She's a whore anyway, let me get that tail

But she said no

But it doesn't matter cause he said yes. 


(Thursday, April 7th, 2016)






That is what dance is to me 






This is what dance is to me 

How do you make love?

You close your eyes and go to another place

you feel the beat pulsing through your hands, tapping through your mind, trembling within your bussom, possessing your feet, and occupying your soul

being the driver yet the passenger 

defining passion as you move, for passion cannot manifest until you move

The universe becomes one and in that instant you know you can do anything

You're Picasso dripping paint with your limbs, you are Michelangelo sculpting your body, you are Shakespeare, recreating drama, you are Aretha demanding respectfully as the vocals travel through your veins, you are Martin Luther King creating your own dreams, you are David damning foolery... but the best part is...


you are you...

freedom, that is dance

Move, feel, cry, scream, 


I am heart

I am free

I am dance 


February 4, 2017 (5:39 pm)

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