Let me tell you a story:


There's a girl named Mercy. She's a 27 year old Nigerian born overseas and moved to NewYork when she was 4. She then migrated over to Cleveland Ohio in the 4th grade with her family. Her father is a fine art artist and her mother is a fashion/interior design/food artist. She went to school for fashion design at Kent State, then finally studio art at Cleveland State. She basically obtained two degrees even though she only finished her arts program. For as long as she could remember she wanted to work in the creative field as an artist. She prolonged her journey though because she let the stigma of broke artist live in her head and there were parts of her that just didn't feel good enough especially in the areas she desired most; which was painting and sculpture despite the classes she took in high school. She'll tell you that she didn't want to go to school to learn what she felt she already knew, but deep down she felt she had no impact. Outside of her family she didn't really think that she mattered. 


One day, she made a painting right before she left for collage at the age of 17 called God's Eye. This painting till today, meant so much to her. It made her believe in the God living within her. Prior to this she thought painting was not in her future. This was the first time that inspiration possessed her mind, the Holy Spirt settled in her soul and love took over her heart.


She looked at an image and told herself, "I am going to paint that", cause her heart connected with a messaged. She sat down and hours later it happened. Ask her how, she couldn’t tell you.

She thought it would never happen again after that. Little did she know that God's eye was on her, and high's and lows she was about to face was the backstory for her destiny. That’s when she learned years later that her objective was not just to create. But that she literally couldn't create until she touched the heart of her purpose. 


The girl you just read about in this story is me. My birth name is Anu. Well actually it's Anuoluwapo, but we both know you might not be able to say that. Haha.  



For the short 27 years I've been blessed to be on this earth so far, I have learned and experienced so much. In some cases a bit more than I should have. I talk to people literally everyday about their experiences and struggles from all walks of life and various different races, cultures and genders. It breaks my heart that all the things that divide this world and the differences we have are so surface level but all the stories have pretty much the same undertone. When Jesus walked this earth he told stories to help bring understanding and shed light. That's what I want to do. I can't imagine living this life without walking in this purpose which is to help tell the stories in various different ways so people can appreciate difference but yet see the unifying connections that can ultimately birth love.  


Studies have shown over and over again that communicating "information" as is, is not very effective. Stories "trigger the release of this neurochemical called oxytocin, which is known in some circles as the love drug."


Site: ( https://contentmarketinginstitute.com/cco-digit... )


Now doing this is no small feat, but I believe that anything is possible with consistency, vision, heart, and faith. With your help, you'll be providing a gateway for events, artwork development, collaborations, and various creative avenues to help people remember, they are never alone. You can help to save someone's life. That sounds pretty dramatic but I can't tell you the various stories I have heard that helped save my own life and gave me the reminder that I am never alone. I want to broaden my scope and do that for other people the best way I know how, with my words, and my creativity. My art is the story of my soul and a reflection of the souls I touch. 


What We Need & What You Get


  • The funding will go toward studio upkeep, and project/event productions, and art exhibitions. Donors will receive exclusive previews on any show/event information before public release.   

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  • Any amount given, will receive a thank you card and one time use 10% discount on any Services moving forward.

Risks & Challenges


Putting on Art show's let alone anything else mentioned is quite the process, as I have put on various art shows in years past. But in the same regard because I have put on shows in the past and have found ways to push through obscene obstacles, here we are today. The only difference is I am refusing to look at my art as an option, this is my livelihood. This is how I can leave my mark on the world and help make it just a bit more of a better place. 


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