Updated: 4 days ago

Hello everyone! I'm excited to announce we now have a location!

As someone who has always wanted to create and serve people, growing up, I had the hardest time finding the niche and purpose of my calling. I knew I was meant to create, but I didn't believe I could do anything past drawing and illustration. I would watch my dad paint these gorgeous paintings and assume for myself that part of the art gene must have failed to transfer to me.

I remember one day I attempted a portrait, looked at it, and literally cried thinking I just wasn't cut out or that kind of thing. I took all the art classes I could except painting. Even the ceramics classes I took, I wasn't sure if I could do anything good past mold creations and coil ring pots.

Fast forward to senior year in high school. I decided to take a painting class. I didn't do all that great in it but I really wanted to paint. After that year I began to accept I really probably can't do this.

The summer before I went off to college, I remember venting and writing in my diary a lot and feeling a bit lost but excited at the same time. I spotted an image of an eye. I got an overwhelming sense of inspiration out of nowhere and told myself I was going to paint that eye. I sat there for a couple hours and finished the image. I sat back and looked at it and thought to myself, "how in the world did I do that??". The image looked realistic and everything. I went downstairs to my mother raving about what I thought would be my one hit wonder.

I went to fashion school realizing later that God had not called me to it. Not because I was bad at it, I really was great, but no matter what I did I felt I was fighting so hard to attain the smallest things. Fashion was taking away from me and not adding to my life.

I took a year off and did a lot of soul searching. I was heart broken and felt like a failure. My mother asked me again if I wanted to go to school to be an artist and I thought to myself, might as well now. During that year off, I began to draw and it came so naturally even though I hadn't done it in literarily over 7 years at that time. It was as if I never stopped, and somehow it was so much better than what I had ever done up until that point.

I began meeting more people and hearing their stories and I was moved. Everytime I was moved, I would get this burst of passion to paint my heart. Paint my empathy, paint love. I wanted people to look at my art and see more than just a pretty picture.

I looked outside the 4 walls of my world into other people's worlds, their pain, their heart, their stories. I finally got my spark, I didn't just want to do art, I wanted to give other people the love and mercy God granted to me. To remind them that their story matters!

This studio means so much more than a work space to create art. It's a safe place for a conversation, and even to learn new skills to further self discovery. This past month I sat down and wrote myself a mission statement. I never thought about doing that but mission statements provide so much clarity!

"Using artist parables to showcase and communiacte love, value, and the human


I felt this huge sense of focus once I wrote those words down and thought about what I wanted to do with myself in relation to my purpose and helping others.

Having said all this, this studio could really use your support. We are in the very beginning stages of this process, but the vision is clear.

There are two of many ways to support. You can click the link and buy gear today, and even leave a tip if you'd like to support further; or click the donate section on the website and offer any amount of support you'd like, every penny counts!

Every penny will be put to work immediately as you can see there is much to be done. Follow this blog to follow up on the progress of the studio, future events, etc.

We are located at 2490 Lee Blvd. across the street from StarBucks in Suite B-105.

The plan is to do a soft opening on June 25-July 3, 2021. See you then!