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My name is Anu Redway

Anu (in Yoruba) translates to Mercy in English. As a contemporary surrealist and mixed-media artist, I find my creative sanctuary in the dynamic interplay of acrylic/ink, tissue paper,  and other mixed media. My work is a visual exploration of human and nature themes, deeply entwined with my abiding interest in philosophy, psychology, and theology.

Shaped by a mosaic of influences, I draw inspiration from the works of revered artists such as Jackson Pollock, Kehinde Wiley, Tahlia Stanton, Salvador Dali, and Chuck Close. Having navigated through diverse cultures, mindsets, and belief systems, I believe in the profound significance of examining what lies beneath the surface of our perceptions.

In my artistic journey, I aim to transcend the visible. The amalgamation of these mediums and concepts, allows me to communicate love, value, and the human experience through a surreal lens.

Being deeply rooted in philosophical and theological inquiry, my art serves as a personal lexicon, rich with symbolic parables. Each piece is an invitation to delve into the layers of meaning, encouraging viewers to explore the intricate dance between the seen and the unseen.

As a Nigerian-born artist raised in America, my work is a testament to the diverse tapestry of experiences that shape my worldview. I believe that true connectivity is found in the nuanced understanding of the narratives that often remain unspoken, hidden beneath the surface.

In essence, my artistic practice is a celebration of the complexity of human existence—a visual symphony that resonates with the echoes of diverse cultures and philosophical musings. Through my creations, I aspire to foster a profound connection, inviting others to reflect on the deeper dimensions of love, value, and the shared human journey.

Mercy Werks, my name, my story

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