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Commission an Artwork

One stop shop for personalized art

Let me make something beautiful for you!

Owning original artwork in your home or work place is a powerful means of expressing your or your company's identity to the world. Art serves as a catalyst for conversation and a compelling vehicle for conveying positive messages.

However, there are times when you may admire an artist's style, yet find that their available pieces don't quite meet your needs—whether due to size limitations, or mismatched colors.

This is where the option of a custom commission becomes valuable. Personally, I find great joy in creating commissioned paintings because they present a unique creative challenge, allowing me to envision the destination of the artwork even before I begin.

Among my most sought-after commissions are surreal portraits and customized color themed rice dancers. Surreal portraiture artwork, in particular, resonates with my collectors, as I skillfully blend colors in unexpected ways, creating pieces that both harmonize with the room and radiate internal experiences that allow the collector a new perspective on themselves.

For inspiration, feel free to explore the original surreal portraiture art showcased on my website.


Alternatively, reach out via email to initiate a discussion about your own bespoke artwork. We can also schedule a phone call to further explore your preferences.

Just imagine the satisfaction of entering your home and being greeted by artwork that not only reflects your personality but was specifically crafted with you in mind. Let's work together to bring your vision to life.


Surreal Portraiture

In some cases, its a more realistic depiction incorporating elements that reflect the collectors personality and or experiences. It can also more intensely surreal like a humanoid version of something that represents you or your experience.

Rice Dancer

The rice dancers started from an idea that a friend suggested (not the rice part just the theme). When I first displayed this piece, so many people fell in love with this piece, I would be asked to make pieces for them of a dancer with a different silhouette and sometimes a different color theme!


A contemporary take on your favorite animal or a pet you love!

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