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This is a thick (21-mil) heavy weight (310g) paper with the luxurious style of traditional artists' papers. It has a natural-white, matte finish with a textured watercolor feel.



This just for you, giclée print, is created with archival materials guaranteed to last a lifetime.




  • 100% Archival

  • Acid-Free

  • Breathtaking Colours


(Frame not included)


Painting Story:


It's interesting to consider how much the use of color affects the impact of this painting. Without color, the image would lose some of its vibrancy and visual interest. The contrast between light and dark values would still create depth and form, but the color adds an additional layer of emotion and meaning. Overall, the use of color in this painting enhances its impact and adds to the viewer's experience.


I was captivated by an image taken by a European fashion photographer, which featured a beautiful woman adorned with colorful dust and surrounded by flowers from nature. The image inspired me, and I soug